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RoadSafe GIS Blog

Learn about our latest software updates, traffic safety related research and funding, and other topics.

California HSIP Cycle 10

Caltrans has announced the HSIP Cycle 10 call for projects. Applications are due September 4th, 2020 and an informational webinar will be given on Wednesday, May 20th. For more information on the program and to sign up for the webinar, head over to their site at: RoadSafe GIS will…

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California HSIP Cycle 8

Caltrans has announced the HSIP Cycle 8 call for projects. Applications are due August 12th, 2016, so you should already be working on them now. More information and official application forms are posted on their website: In response to the new cycle, we have updated our HSIP Helper application tool.…

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San Diego geocoded SWITRS data

As part of our ongoing work to test and improve our geocoding processes, we recently looked at SWITRS collision data for the City of San Diego. In my past work when attempting to geocode data for San Diego, we found the various street networks were quite outdated compared to other…

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Spatial and corridor query filters now available

We are pleased to announce spatial and corridor query filters are now part of the RoadSafe GIS Collision Database Management System. Our last blog post outlined the preview features option for querying large datasets. Now these new filters will allow users to more precisely target collisions within their jurisdiction and maintain optimal browser performance…

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