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RoadSafe GIS Blog

Learn about our latest software updates, traffic safety related research and funding, and other topics.

Geocoding collisions with invalid offset directions

Today's blog is the final post in our geocoding overview series and addresses the scenario where a collision cannot be offset from the intersection due to an invalid offset direction. Although this situation can occur at any intersection, it is more likely to occur along longer roads such as state highways where small segments…

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Network screening performance measures

Today's blog provides details of the newly added network screening performance measures within RoadSafe GIS for calculating high collision intersections. Check out our previous blog post for an overview of network screening and the Highway Safety Manual (HSM). Another excellent resource that we previously overlooked is the FHWA's HSIP manual. Unlike the…

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Highway Safety Manual network screening

The Highway Safety Manual was developed by American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). It provides guidance and tools to conduct quantitative safety analyses alongside other transportation performance measures. Before the Highway Safety Manual engineers were limited in their ability to quantify safety impacts of project decisions due to a lack…

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Geocoding collisions at non-existent street network locations

In continuation of our geocoding overview series, today's post describes the scenario where a collision cannot be geocoded because the location does not exist in the available street network data. The location may not exist for several reasons: The street network is outdated so it does not contain new developments The…

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