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California HSIP Cycle 8

Caltrans has announced the HSIP Cycle 8 call for projects. Applications are due August 12th, 2016, so you should already be working on them now. More information and official application forms are posted on their website:

In response to the new cycle, we have updated our HSIP Helper application tool. The HSIP Helper allows you to quickly explore potential benefits for all the systemic countermeasures and is a great starting point. Instead of reviewing potential countermeasures one by one it calculates and displays all of them by categories (signalized intersections, non-signalized intersections, and roadway). Documentation is available to help you get started. You can refer to our help pages or our previous blog post for more information.

For HSIP cycle 8 there were several minor updates to CRF values which we have already updated. Also new to this cycle, countermeasures are grouped by their federal funding eligibility levels (100%, 90%, 50%) which we display in the results. The 100% federal funding eligibility represent amazing value for applicants without access to funds to support their proposed projects. You can refer to the Caltrans Local Roadway Safety Manual for descriptions of all the countermeasures.

In addition, for those interested in bicycle and pedestrian safety enhancements, HSIP cycle 8 has $10 million in funding set asides for crosswalk enhancements at unsignalized locations and/or pedestrian countdown heads at signalized intersections. The funding set asides do not require a benefit/cost ratio calculation, so really a great way to earn funding for very effective safety countermeasures. See more details in their announcement.

If you are looking for software for all your collision data management and analysis needs, take a look at our Collision Database Management System. Our system provides ongoing support for importing and geocoding the latest collision data and the ability to integrate intersection infrastructure data. This allows you to quickly and easily identify top locations as potential candidates for your HSIP applications. For example, you could generate a list of high collision intersections based on only signalized intersections or restrict your query further and only include pedestrian related collisions. Contact us at for more information or a demo.

Good luck with your applications!

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