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Learn about our latest software updates, traffic safety related research and funding, and other topics.

Geocoding collisions at offset intersections

Today's blog post tackles the first geocoding issue outlined in our geocoding overview series: how to handle geocoding collisions at offset intersections. In the example below Collins St intersects with Reseda Blvd in two separate locations about 150 feet from each other: Offset intersections can be a common occurrence in some cities or…

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City of Los Angeles geocoded SWITRS data free download

UPDATE Geocoded SWITRS data is now provided through the City of Los Angeles Geohub. You can search for SWITRS to find the latest available data at: The data originally linked on this blog post below is no longer updated. -------------- On the heels of releasing the HSIP Helper a few weeks…

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Geocoding collision data for RoadSafe GIS

Accurately geocoding collision data is necessary when building a collision database that will be used for spatial analyses. Geocoding is the process of assigning a latitude/longitude (X/Y) coordinate to a descriptive location. For collision data, the descriptive location is typically a primary road and a secondary intersecting road. To geocode a collision the primary…

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Announcing the HSIP Helper

We are happy to introduce the HSIP Helper at for agencies to explore systemic countermeasures for their California HSIP Cycle 7 applications. For more background information, please see our previous post. The intent of the HSIP Helper is to illuminate the high benefits of systemic countermeasures and to help those…

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