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Simplify your transportation data management using our Collision Database Management System (CDMS). Our CDMS is more than a software, it’s a well oiled service managed by our team of experts. Choose from a variety of data import and connector options while handle the web application and database management so you can focus on your analyses.

  • Powerful, cloud hosted system
  • Analytic tools & optional data editor module
  • Build your query; summarize and map the results
  • Interactive collision diagrams
  • Variety of data import & connector options
  • Easy to use interface

Are you looking for software to generate summary reports, maps or collision diagrams? That is all part of our Collision Database Management System where you can build dynamic queries and show the interactive results.

We have spent a lot of time at RoadSafe GIS getting geocoding right. If you cannot geocode data accurately, you are losing the value in your data.

You can read about some of our ongoing work in our blog:

Since those original blog posts, we have streamlined and improved our processes even further and want to offer our services. If you have a one-time project or ongoing needs to geocode data, let us know. We realize not everyone wants a full fledged collision data management system; you may just need quality geocoding so you can take the data and run with your own analyses.

Contact us at and we can find a solution to fit your geocoding needs.

At RoadSafe GIS we offer custom application development services. We offer two main forms of development services.

First, if you are a subscriber to our Collision Database Management System we can build custom tools for the service that will integrate seamlessly with the other components.

Second, we can develop independent applications for you to plug into your own sites. We have a range of expertise building applications with a central mapping component.

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